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The Secondary School Modernisation Programme has three fundamental objectives:

1. To renovate and modernise the school buildings , propagating a culture of learning, divulgation of knowledge and acquisition of skills by means of interventions aimed at:

  • correcting existing building/construction problems;
  • improving the conditions of habitability and environmental comfort, with particular emphasis on hygrothermics, acoustics, air quality, safety and accessibility;
  • adapting teaching and non-teaching spaces and modernising the respective equipment;
  • ensuring the flexibility and adaptability of the teaching and non-teaching spaces with a view to maximising their use and minimising future investments;
  • guaranteeing energy efficient buildings so as to reduce operating costs.

2. Opening the schools up to the community , placing the school back in the centre of the urban environments they are a part of, creating functional and safe conditions so that the buildings, during school or after-school hours, can be used by the local community for activities related with ongoing education/training (evening classes), cultural and social events and sport and recreation;

3. Creating an efficient and effective school building management system that guarantees, after the rehabilitation and modernisation operations, three conditions:

  • an effective and efficient response when isolated repair interventions are needed or in the planned conservation and upkeep interventions;
  • promoting correct use of the facilities and equipment through training and monitoring the users and making them accountable;
  • ensuring full use of the facilities.