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ProNIC Project

Construção Pública, E.P.E. has signed a service contract with the PRONIC consortium for implementation of a technical information management system for its projects.

The PRONIC project consists of a codification structure for the construction works and is essentially serves to:

  • improve the quality of building through creation of a benchmark for the best practices and correct technical specifications for construction work;
  • help reduce costs in the contract specification elaboration and analysis phases;
  • reduce errors in interpreting tender and design documentation and thus minimize costs resulting from lack of quality and excess work;
  • facilitate management of contract and subcontract work and thus increase management efficiency through the creation and provision of the appropriate technical and economic indicators.

The project is executed in partnership by the Construction Institute at the University of Porto’s Faculty of Engineering (IC-FEUP), the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Porto (INESC Porto) and the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC).