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Principles of Good Governance

The company complies with the principles of good governance for public sector companies. In this context, Construção Pública, E.P.E. has worked consistently towards improving its good governance practices, with some initiatives, such as the Quality of Service Assessment Report, the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Risk Prevention Plan and the Evaluation of remuneration practices in the field of gender equality and the Plan for Equality.

The information about the accomplishment of the principles of good governance can be consulted in

Principle Assessment of degree of compliance Observations
I. Mission, goals and  award principles Compliance
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Institutional website
II. Administration and supervision structures


  • Well-defined organic structure
  • Independent supervision body
III. Remuneration and other rights of the Board of Directors Compliance
  • Institutional website
  • The DGTF website 
IV. Prevention of conflicts of interest Compliance
  • Corruption and Related Infraction Risks Plan and respective 2022 Interim and Annual Evaluation Reports
  • The Code of Ethics and Conduct
V. Dissemination of relevant information Compliance
  • Institutional website
  • The DGTF website 
  • Publication on the site of contracting information 
VI. Adjustment to size of each company Compliance
  • In order to continue compliance with the Secondary School Modernisation Programme, the company has adjusted the structure and human resources 


Decree-Law no. 133/2013, of 3rd of october - Established the legal framework for the public sector and public companies and revoked Decree-Law no. 558/99, of 17th of December (amended by Law no. 75-A/2014, of 30th of September and by Law no 42/2016, of 28th of December).