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Mission and Values

Parque Escolar, EPE., is a corporation governed by public law with administrative and financial independence and its own assets. It is subject to the supervision of the Portuguese government ministers responsible for the areas of finance and education.

Rehabilitate, modernise, conserve and monitor the performance of infrastructures and equipments in schools regarding the Secondary school modernisation programme, ensuring adequate conditions of funcionality, comfort, safety and healht for the school comunity.

Results orientation
Ethics and social responsability


Decree-Law no. 41/2007, of 21 February
Created Parque Escolar, E. P. E. and approved its memorandum of incorporation

Decree-Law no. 83/2009, of 2nd of April 
Made first amendment to Decree-Law no. 41/2007 of 21 February

Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 1/2007 of 3 January 2007 
Approved the Secondary School Network Modernisation Programme