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Classification of School Interventions

Today, given the scope of the interventions, one can characterise in detail a typical intervention in the school building renovation/remodelling process as follows:


  Intervention averages %
Capacity 1,260 pupils in single day-time teaching hours

Áreas de Construção General 15 400 sq. m gross construction
Remodelling 47%
New construction 53%

Investiment Services EUR 1 million 7%
Construction EUR 13 million 86%
Re-furbishing & PTE EUR 1 million


Construction costs EUR 840 sq. m

Projetos, Fiscalização e Alugueres temp. EUR 71.5 sq. m

Equipamentos Escolares e Plano Tecnológico EUR 71.5 sq. m

Deadline 18 months

Construction work phasing 4 work phases per school

Direct employment 150 workers