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School Accessibility Design Manual

School Accessibility Design Manual (portuguese only) "The school is without doubt the collective life space that most profoundly marks each generation of school-goers. (...) No school, and therefore no building, can be complete and adequate if, for whatever reason, they lead to exclusion and do not account for the essential value of diversity..." - José Pedro Martins Barata in the School Accessibility Design Manual

This manual defines the guidelines for a functional programme, focusing on the corrent and transversal questions of accessibility in accordance with the specificity of the school space and its users.

The manual’s guidelines/recommendations reflect the application of the legislation in force (Decree-Law no. 163/2006 of 8 August) to the school space.

The first section of the manual references concepts associated with education in a “School for All” designed to be a structure open to the community.

The second section is based on the importance of design principles as a design methodology for all, in this case applied to the school reality.

The third section looks at the functional areas of design analysis and intervention. These are organised to allow for practical and direct consultation in accordance with the main school areas on the basis of the recommendations and legislation in force.

All the concepts and other introductory observations are aimed at calling attention to, and thus creating greater awareness for factors such as non-discrimination and non-exclusion, which are decisive for better quality of life for all.