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Landscape Design Manual

Landscape Design Manual (portuguese only) The school grounds and exterior areas are all-important spaces for student socialisation.

For this reason it is important to give these open recreational spaces – which complement the teaching spaces – the due care in line with their importance in the holistic development of the students and their social relations. They should be remodelled so that they are not mere open spaces left over by the building of the school’s structures.

As in the principles of urban planning, where the open space should be designed and executed as a fundamental planning structure, a school’s open spaces should be regarded as a privileged location for socialisation and learning, creating an environment conducive to the school fulfilling its social duties and promoting citizenship amongst the students.

This document – compiled by A. Viana Barreto, Margarida Valle and Francisco Salvação Barreto – is a guide for interventions in school grounds and exterior spaces. On the one hand, it lists a number of intervention principles, from the characterisation and conditioning factors of landscapes to the functions and models of the school grounds in terms of landscape architecture and, on the other, it is a regulator for the conception of exterior design and landscaping projects by indicating general recommendations.