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Cost Analysis

The monitoring of costs and analysis of their reasonability in comparison to similar projects has been a constant concern of Parque Escolar in implementing the Secondary School Modernisation Programme.

Given the lack of means and resources, on the part of Parque Escolar, to carry out studies with a degree of technical competence and quality that would guarantee an objective and independent analysis, an international entity was commissioned to conduct a study that would show how the costs per square metre ascertained in Portugal in general, and for the Modernisation Programme in particular, measure up in the European context, i.e. in comparison to projects that could in some way serve as benchmarks.

The findings are contained in the benchmark study titled “Analysis of International and National Projects” carried out by KPMG at Parque Escolar’s requestr.

The following table presents the main benchmark study data on diverse European projects that served as references. Please note that the figures presented were homogenised, taking into account the purchasing power indexes, exchange rate corrections and inflation:

Average Cost (€)

(sq. m)

Students Investiment
(sq. m)
Investiment per Student (€)
France 23.740.047 14.369 1.022 1.799 28.958
Ireland 16.308.000 8.147 712 2.285 23.690
England 26.222.398 11.802 1.252 2.264 21.651
Scotland 24.810.843 14.402 1.196 1.758 22.500
Parque Escolar E.P.E. 13.000.000 15.400 1.260 840 10.317

The data obtained in the study show that the homogenised costs of European projects similar to those of the Modernisation Programme are roughly twice as high as those for the programme being carried out by Parque Escolar (for the more than 200 schools initially planned).

There are also increased complexity factors in the programme for the modernisation of Portuguese schools:

  • schools that are between 40 and 100 years old;
  • interventions carried out while schools are still running, without any impact on critical phases such as examination periods;
  • the modernisation programme distributed across continental Portugal from Bragança to Faro, with the corresponding impacts in terms of costs, particularly relating to logistics and supervision.